Dec 9, 2007

Bad day

The kids have gone and done the one thing I didn’t think they would do…ever. Boy was I wrong. I guess this is what I get for thinking huh? So Curtis is my sensory seeker. He must run, jump and spin at all times. I have come to accept the noise as much as I can! I speak only when it gets out of hand. Well tonight I could not even get stop right now out. I got as far as “Stoooooooo” when the christmas tree tumbled over onto its side. Curtis was spinning and Gregory and Sam not to be left out were spinning too! They were also running in circles while spinning. Once I told them to watch out for the tree cause they got to close to it. I told them what would happen. This is not the first tree ever in the house. Its our 6th tree since having Curtis. 6 yrs and he has never knocked over the tree. He hasn’t even tried to take the decorations off either. Sure when he was crawling for his second Christmas he tried to crawl under but never knocked anything off or over. Not even Gregory or Sam have either. That is until tonight.

I made them sit down at the table until Daddy got home from work…between the Mommy I have to pees and poos they sat for a grand total of 15 mins out of a half hour. They kept getting up to ask if they could get up at least 100,000 times. Daddy got home and took one look at the tree and knew what they had done. The 3rd world war broke out in my house. Daddy yelling, mommy being silent and the kids crying cause they know they did wrong. Well after I made sure to let Daddy know that it just was not Sam. THey seem to think that they can get out of trouble by saying “Sammy did, not me” when asked who did it. Daddy threatened that Christmas may not come now. He told them they now have to earn Christmas this year. Santa is watching and he sent an email saying that they are now on the naughty list. The world came to an end in my living room. The kids stopped crying and talking through tears. They stopped wiggling. They sat still for the first time since birth. They now have chores they have to do each day beyond just taking care of toys at the end of the night. I finally get some help around here with cleaning the house. They have to do dishes, vacuum, sweep and mop with the swifter sweeper mop I have. They are going to learn now to fold and put away their own clothes. They are going to be dusting too. And whatever else I need help with. They can fill up the washer with dirty clothes. Take clothes out of the drier and put in more. They have 16 days to earn their right to Christmas. Child labor laws be damned in my house! Since I love my boys I am going to give them this one chance to make up for what they have done. Sure nothing got broke but that is not the point. Its time they learn when too much is too much and when they go over the line they need to learn. I swear if life with them is harder when they are teens I am moving out.

See not only did they knock the tree over for the first time but they also tore apart my living room. I busted my tail off to get all clean and organized. I normally just clean it if it looks cluttered oh well at least its clean. Well I organized the books, movies and decluttered the living room so it looks better with the decorations. During play today I swear they morphed into tornados. I made them clean that up as well. I made them put it back the way I had it….well Daddy had to help get them to do it but they did it. They also vacuumed as well.

If they morph again into anything that resembles the behavior of a tornado again I am packing up and moving out!