Nov 9, 2007

Toy Recalls

Toy Recalls. I know its all over the web. I am very aware of that. I am sure that you are also aware of that. However I have something on my mind. And would like your thoughts on this as well.

I have just one thought. The lead paint toy recalls. The people who paint the children’s toys with lead paint….don’t they know the danger of lead to children? If so do they know that it could harm their own children over time? Maybe the people who use this paint don’t know its the paint that is causing problems. Maybe they need to educated about the dangers of lead paint. Yet who is able to educate them on this? I would if I could. Honest I would. But I have fears of flying. I would be more than happy to do it if they were put on a plane and brought to here. I would give up my free time to educate them. Yet that won’t happen either.
I do know one way. Our companies that hire other companies that are overseas could educate the people. Videos would be a good start. All the employees would have to sit and watch the movie. Would it work though? I don’t know. I am just sitting here thinking and typing out my thoughts. There has to be a way to educate people on led paint. If the US is able to ban the paint why can’t other countries get on board as well and ban it? Stop making it.
I know. That is the easy way. Its too easy to ban a paint. Then there would not be any toy recalls to loose money on.
What are your thoughts?

The one that scares me to the core though is those beads. The beads that the body (when swallowed) turns into date rape drugs. Scary. very scary sh^t.