Nov 8, 2007

Glue Rules

3 things not to do with Glue:
1. Don’t spread it on the wall to hang an empty cereal box on the wall.
2. Don’t see how much glue a hair brush can hold.
3. Don’t try to glue the potty chair lid shut.

3 boys and Glue does not go together. I thought for sure that I had the glue out of reach and out of sight. Its not a good idea to keep it in an empty coffee can on top of a book case. When they know that is where you put it. Where was I you ask? Well I was taking clothes out of the drier and putting clothes in the drier. The drier sits on the back porch which leaves the kids alone in the living room to wreck whatever havoc they feel like doing.
The glue is off both the wall and the potty chair. the brush is still soaking in bleach hoping i can get it out of the bristles.