Nov 10, 2007


Suburban Oblivion had a list for those of us doing NaBloPoMo. After carefully looking at her ideas I chose What do I feel about living where I do?
I live in the Finger Lakes Region in New York State. I live out in the country now after living in town for 4 years. We have been here for the past 2 years. The first year….the first year was awesome! It was so quiet and peaceful here. No neighbors who would get drunk and party all night keeping the kids awake or waking them up in the night. No drunks running around outside yelling and screaming. I didn’t have to call the cops every night about the noise or about the drunk that is yelling and screaming that he can’t find his car at 2am. Peace at last.
Now sure its still peaceful here. However I now miss living in town. I can’t go for walks like I used to with the kids. I have put on weight in the past 2 yrs. Not a whole lot. Just enough that I have had to go out and buy bigger jeans for myself. I have not stepped on a scale recently but I would dare say that in the past 2 years I have gained 40 pounds. I have lost all my baby wieght with all my kids….exept from Sam. I am not walking everyday like I used to. Sitting around the house all day is not doing me any good. I miss the walks. Not just because I have gained a few extra pounds either. I miss seeing the seasons change by walking the sidewalks. I miss seeing freinds on the walks. I miss being able to walk to the park with the kids.
Besides this there are positives here too. I see the seasons changing just by being in my back yard. I have a backyard with a creek. I thought for sure when I seen the creek that the kids would be drawn to it like flies on peanut butter. I have taken them down there once. Just once. The bugs are horrid there and they hated it. They stay away!
The area that I am in though is pretty. Its nice here. You got the lakes, wine trails(not that I have been on one of those) and more parks than you know what to do with. Since moving to the Finger Lakes area I have moved away from the lakes 3 times. I can’t stay away. I get homesick. I get a pull in my gut. Its like the lakes call to me now when I am not near them. And that. That is all I really need to be happy anywhere. As long as I have one of the lakes nearby I am happy. My house is in between 2 of them. So even though I was complaining about my country location…I am still very happy with where I am!
Finger Lakes….I can’t live without em!