Nov 5, 2007

potty training 2

cleaning is taking a backseat right now to potty training. honest its not that bad. i have more pics but going to save them for another day for another post.
So yesterday Sam only had one accident. I was looking in the cupboard for a pot and kneeling on the floor. Sam came up to me and we started playing peek a boo with the door.
The next thing I knew my leg was getting warm and wet. Guess what he did??
I think we are off to a very good start!
OH and he is not wearing the truck undies. Everytime I try to put them on him he says “Pee”or “potty” and he does go but he just won’t put them on. He carries them around.
Makes me wonder if he is going to start a new fashion where everyone will carry around undies instead of wearing them. I wonder…….