Nov 4, 2007

potty training

Since I am doing a month of daily blog posts I need something to be blogging about. Well since yesterday we needed to get more diapers for Sam I got to thinking as I was looking for his size 6 diapers which for whatever reason are getting hard to find in a Mega pack. I figured since Sam will use the big potty when HE FEELS like going why not just step it up a notch use the diaper money and get a Potty Chair for Sam. I asked hubby what he thought and he said yea sure. Well we were in PY town at our brand new just opened Walgreens(more on that later) and they had everything but a potty chair. Figures. Not one of our stores in PY town have the things that a family really needs. Sure they have the diapers…sometimes. the wipes. the soaps the shampoos that sort of thing. But never the one item that we are looking for(post for another day).
So we had to go to G town since G town has a Wally World. The only department store that is close to home. Well the kids were screaming they were hungry even though they are the ones who refused to eat lunch before we left the house. So we stopped at home ate a early dinner and off we went.
At Wally World I picked up the Potty Chair, Sam looked at it as I put it in the cart and said “Poopy” I asked Sam if he needed to go and he said No. I also picked up Pull Ups for nightime cause I know he is not going to stay dry at night right away. And they are good for when we leave the house unless I can figure out how to properly take the potty chair with us. Hubby is not too keen with that idea. And he got a new pack of undies!!! With Trucks on them!!!!! He is one happy camper in the store.
I just had to look around and see what christmas stuff they have. I can easily get more snowmen this year for my collection. WOOHOOOO.(another post in the making)
So at Wally World we spent our $35 diaper and wipe money and got a Potty Chair, pullups, undies and oh yea 2 sodas for Mommy.
We came home and took out the potty chair put it together and Sam sat. and sat. and sat. and sat. and sat. and sat. for a half hour. Then YAY! Woo HOO. Big Boy in the house! Sam used the potty!!!! He loved that reaction. I emptied. put it back together. Sam sat. Yay! Woo Hoo. Empty. Yay! empty. yay! alright it went on like this for another 10 mins before I figured out that he was going just a little bit to get a reaction out of us. So I waited. and waited and waited.
He used the potty more times than I can recall. I will say that in the 4 hours that we had the potty he only had 3 accidents. The first one was actually poo. Not his fault. he has not done that one yet and I was on the pc and daddy was watching a movie. I had to check my email. The second time he was sitting on the couch and just peed. The third time he was Finally in his truck undies(he refused to put them on until we showed him that curtis and gregory wear undies too) and he peed. Not bad for the first few hours though!!!
Today is a new day! so far he is using the potty though he is sitting more than anything so far! We will see how today goes and will tell you more tomarrow! I will be blogging about this until Sam is pottied trained! With a few other posts thrown in to make it not so boring about one topic!
Sam loves cheers so if you have one feel free to share and I will cheer yours for Sam the next time he well you know!