Nov 6, 2007

If I could be anywhere right now.....

I would be alone on an island. Ok maybe not totally alone cause hubby would be there with me and a few of my favorite bloggers as well. The kiddos would be on the island next door with babysitters and nannies and the grandparents. If you guessed that I must be having one of those days then you are right on target.
The kids refused to get up for school this morning. Daddy and I both had to carry each child downstairs this morning. Then we had to dress them ourselves as they would not get dressed. I’m grateful that I do baths at night. We had to do socks and shoes. We had to hair this morning. We had to brush teeth. Put coats on them and then we had to drag them by their ankles to the bus. Ok so not by the ankles but it sounds good!! Poor Sam. He gets up every morning. Helps pick out his clothes. Gets dressed with some help. Gets his shoes by himself so I can put them on for him. Stands still so I can do his hair. Then he goes off and finds his coat. And his backpack. And then he just sits and waits. When we tell the kids to get coats on he is the first one with his on. Then I put his backpack on so he can go out with me to take the kids to the bus. This morning though I had to leave him in the house so I could drag the kids to the bus. They just did not want to go this morning. Sam is was so mad at me this morning. A Hershey’s Bar though was able to fix his mood.
So yea if this what its going to be like until they adjust to the time change please let me go to my island. I am pretty sure that Table for Five, Mom on Coffee, and Suburban Oblivion would be happy to go along with me! I would have to ask them off course but who would turn down a night on an island with no kids?
Table for Five is a blog that I read everyday. From great reviews to awesome posts about things that she has done or her family have done. I have really gotten to know her.
Mom on Coffee I really like her style. She tells funny stories that make me laugh, or she has something serious to say and I can feel what she is feeling through her words! I keep going back!
Suburban Oblivion what can I say? I just really love her blog and keep going back as well! Awesome blogger she is!
I picked these 3 because I would love to meet them and get to know them even better than I do through their blogs! Being on an island with them would not in the least be boring.