Nov 7, 2007

Breaking News

I am so excited!!! This morning the kids did a much better job getting up and getting ready for school today! Even Curtis did a very good job today!! In fact he even tied his own shoes this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOoooooooooHOoooooooooooooooo!!!! This is very big news! He has been trying so hard the past year to learn how to tie. He would get stuck at the final step…pushing the string through the hole to make the bunny ears. This morning he finally got it through!!!!!! I am so proud of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laugh in the face of the doctor that said he would never do things like this and yet Curtis does these things!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure it took him a year to get here but you know what that was a year of very hard work, tears and fits. In the back of my mind was thinking he would not get this task. Boy am I glad that I never gave up on him!!! It pays to keep going when the going gets tough!!! Chocolate for all my readers today! And a cup of joe or soda or whatever it is that my readers prefer to drink!

Remember my post yesterday. I told you that Sam was upset because he could not go to the bus with me? Turns out it was more than that. About a half hour after I posted yesterday Sam came down with a fever..or he could have had it all along but it did not register with me until he vomited all over me. He was so sick yesterday. I can’t count how many times I wore the contents of his tummy though there was not much in there as he was not eating and barely drinking. Tylnol was not working for the fever. I was giving that to him every 5 hrs and it was not touching the fever. He slept the day away in 20 minute intervals, would be awake for 20 mins then he would sleep. I would get drinks in him while he was awake but just enough to wet the inside of his mouth. At 6:30 last night with the fever still not going down I called daddy at work and had him pick up Motrin, apple juice and pedialite as well. An hour later he walked in the door with it all. I gave Sam a dose of Motrin and filled his sippy with the pedialite.
I fixed the kids hotdogs while Daddy sat with Sam. Having to change clothes and get clean blankets every 20 mins the time got away from me and did not feed the kids at dinner time. And get this: They lived to tell Dad about it! I would toss them a piece of candy here and there when I would have to go into the kitchen. shhh don’t tell anyone!
So an hour later. Sam’s fever broke. YAY! Umm excuse me lets not cheer just yet. You see he was so hyper its not even funny. He was literally climbing the walls. Jumping. Climbing all over me and daddy. Hiding in the blanket and jumping out at us. I swear the Apple Juice I gave him after the pedialite was not apple juice. I think someone somewhere somehow took out the apple juice and put in Red Bull or some sort of energy drink. Sam was so bouncy when his fever broke that it scared me and I don’t scare when it comes to the energy of my kids…but last night I was freaking out.
I even asked hubby if he was the one who switched out the apple juice for the Red Bull. His responce “Honey I only picked up what you told me to. Nothing more and nothing less.” with a goofy look on his face.
By 10 pm last night Sam was still going strong. I kept asking Sam if he was ready for Night Nights yet. He would look at me all big eyed and smiles and say No Night Nights! I had my answer though even before I asked the question. However I was was ready to fall over. I was ready to just curl up in a hole and sleep a week. So I grabbed up Sam had him give daddy hugs and kisses and took him to bed. He in his crib me in my bed accross the hall. I knew he would not sleep right away so I gave him a few books and 2 teddy bears, a zebra and a giraffe.
When I got in my bed and cuddled up for sleep:
“Mommy Night Night”
“Sam, go night night!”
“Love you”
“Mommy loves you too Sam”
“Night Night”
“Yes Sam go night night”
“Night night. Love you”
“Samuel Alaxander M. Go Night Night right now I love you!!!!!!”(I thought for sure that with the use of his full name here he would get the hint)
Silence! Yeah it worked. Get comfy and roll over to other side
“Night Night”
“Good Night Samuel I love you”
“Love you”
“Daddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Please tell Sam night night and that you love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“Night Night Sam Daddy Loves you”
“Night night”
“Love you”
“Samuel Alaxander Read your book!!!!!!!!!!” (punches pillow hoping this will do the trick)
“Sam? Do you need to go potty?”
“No! Night Night”
“Then Lay down right now and cuddle bear and go night night!”
“Night night love you”
“Sam! Mommy is tired. Mommy loves you bunches! Good Night!”
At this point I punch my pillow throw the blanket over my head as Sam continues to say Night Night and Love you until I pass out and can no longer hear him.
And I thought that by day 7 of NaBloPoMo I would not have anything to write about! HA!