Nov 11, 2007

Happy Birthday

Last night was a good night! All week I have had a secret and its been killing me not saying anything about it. So lets get on with it shall we?
(in this post Mom is referring to MIL and Dad reffers to FIL because I am close to them and really love them as my own parents)
Thursday was Mom’s birthday! Dad called(big surprise!) and said that on Saturday he wanted us to meet him at AppleBee’s for dinner for a surprise for Mom and was getting the family together. Sure each family would have to pay for their own but who could afford dinner there for the family? Not them and not us or anyone else for that matter! So I said we would be there!
However Hubby was called into work and we thought for sure that we would not be able to make it. But the gods had changed it….hubby was getting out a half hour early. Sure we would have a half hour to make it but we did….just 5 mins late. Its always better to be late then not show up at all!
So we get there and hug Mom and get everyone seated. The poor waitress. (Angelina was at my mom’s house) There was 5 of us, Steph’s family of 3, and Ryan’s family of 3(BIL) and then Mom and Dad. 13 of us set up as a group! However it was very hard to talk to anyone at the other end of the building. Where everyone else was sitting. We did get to talk to Mom and Dad and everyone else got to talk to Curtis cause he was close enough.
The food. The food was good but next time instead of getting a burger I will get a steak. Mom was surpirsed and happy that everyone was there! Not quite thrilled when all the waitresses came over clapping with some icecream with a candle and did their own version of a birthday song! Nice touch though! All the kids got to help her eat the icecream.
I’m jumping ahead too far.
There we sat without a high chair for Sam. He did very well the first 5 mins. Then the boys needed to go potty. That undid Sam. On a scale of 1 through 10 I would give Sam a 6 for behavior. 1 being the worst kind that makes you just pack up and go home and 10 being a prince with out any type of whining or trying to run around the place. He did do good sometimes. Our food came after who knows how long. Mom and Dad got theirs and I got mine. I question that but I am not going to go negative. Some time later the rest of the food came out. Thank God I had french fries to share! We ate. We watched the kids put salt, pepper and ketchup on their plates for the chicken tenders and the fries. Scary. Sam wanted the whole bottle of ketchup, and the other 2 wanted the whole bottle as well. They also wanted salt until they could see it on their food. Intervention!!!!!! Yuck! Thankfully Uncle Ryan intervened and helped out, along with Mom and hubby. I was not within reach without reaching across mom and dad to get to the boys. Kyra helped too!
Afterwards we sat around talking. Then the icecream came out.
This is when Sam got to meet cousin R as came and down from the other end and sat with Grandma. We had trucks for Sam to play with and they were back out. R wanted one so I gave him one. Sam was not pleased. He sat there beaming lazors at R. At this point I swear the lights all went out and a spotlight was shown on just Sam and R. At least there as a table between them. Both of them just sat there beaming lasors back and forth pushing a truck back and forth.
When we got outside we gathered together as a group to talk to those we did not talk to during the meal. R was running around and therefore Sam had to as well. He followed R and it was so cute! Of course in the cold I forgot that I had my camera in my pocket. It was cute though!
Sam followed R and they had a good time! Thank god the trucks were put away cause who knows what could have gone down!
We need to get together with R and his parents so the kids can get to know one another! Hopefully soon!
Mom was thrilled that all of us was together under one roof. Dad was pleased that we came!
Happy Birthday Mom!!!