Nov 12, 2007

potty training 8

Since Sam got sick I have been on the loosing end of the battle to get him back to useing the potty. I am thinking that when he was sick potty training was the last thing on my mind. I am not going to give up though. Everyday I keep him out of pullups unless he takes a rare nap like he did yesterday! Bedtime or when we leave the house. I hear that going back and forth can be confusing. He does not wear diapers there are none in the house. The pullups are called Bye Bye Undies and Night Night Undies. For 2 whole days I thought for sure that he would progress and go the distance. I cling to those 2 days for more hope. I read this and this over and over again. Hanging on to a thread of hope.
Its been brought to my attention that Sam wants to put his Spongebob big potty ring on his potty chair. Yep he has one of those too! So tomarrow we are going to go out and get a whole mess of Spongebob stickers and he can decorate his potty the way he wants it. He is also a huge fan of Rocket. Rocket=Little Einsteins. I am going to get him some of those as well.
I have even tried the M&M thing with Sam. One for pee and 2 for poo. However he can’t stop at just one. He wants more. He won’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So the sticker thing I am hoping will be the ticket to get him back on track. He will get one sticker for pee and 2 for poo. I will keep them in a secret spot. Its so secret I can’t tell even tell you because 2 of my kids can read. If one can’t read a word the other one can.
Sam wanted to go potty while I was going myself. He had his sponge bob ring in his hand. I requested the potty chair. Just before it was placed on the floor Sam peed. No Biggie. A little while later Sam said Poo so I picked him and carried him to the potty that was 5 feet away. He went poo on me. No biggie. I cleaned up and changed clothes. This is how it went all day yesterday. Just before making it to the potty he goes. So I know he knows that he has to go.

There is one more factor playing into Sam’s lack of potty training and I really don’t know what to do to fix it. I am doing the best I can but even my best with this is not working. See Curtis and Gregory don’t see Sam as becoming a big boy yet. They are being negative with Sam using the potty. They have been home for the past 4 days. Friday was a day off for meetings. Today is off for the holiday. This time frame is enough to get their point accross to Sam even though I keep correcting. What are they saying?
“Mom! Sam needs a diaper on!”
“Mom! Put a diaper on Sam”
“Mom! Sam too little to use the potty!!!”
“Mom! Get Sam out of the bathroom!”
“Sam tell mommy to get a diaper on you”
“Sam you are a baby”
I can keep going and going. But my heart is breaking right now because I have no idea how to get them to understand. I have told them that Sam is 2. Sam is growing everyday. Sam is learning how to use the potty just like you. I have a book about potty training geared for little kids (without walking upstairs to get the book I can’t tell you the name of it) however reading this book on a nightly basis and a few times during the day is not working. They still see Sam as a baby who is too little to do the things that they can. I have gotten out their baby books and looked through for the info that says that they too potty trained. I have found this info(though lacking greatly in details) and read them to this. However they are not that dumb. They know that Curtis was 3. and Gregory was 2 almost 3. Angelina was 2. But “Mom she is a girl” . So somehow in their minds eye sam is too little and they don’t miss any chance to tell him or to just say it out loud. And for whatever reason they say it when Sam is on the potty. This then makes Sam get up and cry because I know his feelings have been hurt. I’m going to be looking for better books. More books. That are about potty training and geared for kids. I pray that I can find a way to get Curtis and Gregory on board. In the meantime I am silently thankful that they go back to school tomarrow. Maybe a few days even just during school hours maybe just maybe I can get Sam back into likeing the potty and wanting to use it again! My postive vibes for Sam are just not enough to overcome the negative stuff right now.
As I wrote this I had to stop a few times. Sam missed the potty again. This time by meer inches.