Oct 12, 2007

7 random things about me

Becky’s 7 things About Me Meme!
I was tagged by Mimi over at The Things We Do. First I have to tag 7 other people and they are in no particular order:

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Now that I have done that here is my 7 things:

1. I was born in New York while my parents, brother and sister were visiting my grandparents. I was 2 weeks late but they were told that it would be at least another week and the doctor gave my mom permission to travel. They lived in PA at the time! They were surprised in every sence of the word! I was a hefty 10 pounds and 1 oz when I was born! The doctor actually thought I was a boy as I was making my way into the world. Boy was he shocked when I did come out being a girl!!! I grew up in PA.

2. I may be a girl however I hate all things girly. I don’t like to wear dresses or skirts or dress shoes! Give me jeans and a t shirt and I am happy! I was a tomboy all my life and still am to this day! Although I have been able to get into girly things since having my daughter.

3. I have a piercing in the most intimate places. Its freshly done about 2 months ago. When I got it done I screamed like a b!tch and jerked back so I actually got poked by a needle twice to get it done. I like having it! It makes things in the bedroom interesting with hubby if you know what I mean. I know TMI! LOL if you go*gle hood piercings you will figure out where that is if you really want to know! Its the only girly thing I have ever done in my life!

4. I don’t like bugs at all! I scream every time I see one. My kids love to bring me every bug they find!! I always give them the show they are looking for! I run screaming from the room every time they bring me something!!!

5. However I don’t mind snakes. The kind of snakes that make good pets. Like the Ball Python. Friends of mine have had them and I loved people’s reactions when I would have that snake around my neck while I would be in a store buying a soda! One day I plan to have one of my own.

6. In elementary school in PA the grades were K through 6. I was always with the same group of peers every single year without fail!! I loved it that way! However looking back now it did not teach me very well about how to approach new people and to make new friends. I am very shy because of this. When we moved to NY after i finished 6th grade I got a wake up call! I am still learning how to come out of my shell.

7. This is a very boring post but have no idea what I could say that would spice this list up. I don’t live too far from Watkins Glen, NY. Its so beautiful there! I have walked most of the Glen but still have not made it to the bottom. Maybe next year that will be a goal of mine and I can take pictures. That area is so pretty all year! From the winter time when ice forms in the water falls that cascade down the hills to the falls gushing in the summer!