Jun 3, 2007

7 random things about me

OMG! I just got tagged for the first time from kiki36 over on mayasmom.
7 random things about me:

1. I grew up in PA. I had the same classmates from head start to 6th grade. From 4th grade to 6th grade i always had the same teacher with a small group of kids…12 of us. Most of the time it was the same 12. While the other kids had to change classrooms for every subject we stayed in the same room.

2. After 6th grade finished I went from a straight A student all my life to a D student in the last quarter of 6th grade. When I started 7th grade in NY i got a score of 15% in science class. I only passed one class: English. why? because for the most part all I had to do was read a book and write a book report. Then write a few poems and stories. I aced english. Needless to say I had to repeat 7th grade.

3. I barely passed 8th grade. It was science yet again that was holding me back. I even passed Global studies this time around. I had to do summer science classes to pass.

4. If you think I did even better in 9th grade, think again. I failed all my classed but English. Spanish…i could not even stay awake for spanish class. I had to repeat 9th grade too. Then in the second year the first report cards came out. I gave up. i dropped out of school. the only class I could pass was english. I had enough.

5. I have not really told anyone how bad I was in school when we moved to NY. I feel a weight lifted off me now. Words of advice: dont move to a diffrent state with your kids cause chances are they won’t do well. or at least don’t move to NY from anther state. it won’t work out.

6. I spend alot of time on my computer. More than i will ever admit too.

7. I am addicted to something beyond chocolate and coffee and soda. actually 3 things more: 1. mayasmom.com its my homepage now. 2. blogs. i read blogs alot. i try to get to everyone on my list. however i can spend alot of time on just one blog. 3. i smoke. i don’t want to hear about this last one. its my addiction that i just can’t kick in the but yet.

I tag:
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