Jun 1, 2007

8 things about Me

First I went to table for five to read a post she put into her journal on mayasmom to read what she had written. She had a link to The Looney Bin in her post. After i read that post and left a comment I clicked on the link she had included and the first thing I seen was a meme. Since my blog is new I have not done them all and since it was open to anyone who had not done this..I figured why not do this one too! The rules I just copied from her post to save me some time. They will be in color for you so no confusion takes place!

The first rule of the game is to post the rules of the game. [This makes it sound so complex. When it’s just 8 things about me. Am I missing something?]
Here they are:* Each player starts with eight random facts/habits.* People who are tagged need to write posts on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
1. I don’t drive. I don’t have my license yet. The reasons are a. my mom did not want me to drive when i turned 16 because she could not handle the fact that I was growing up. I begged and begged her..nothing. b. when I turned 18 my sister took me to get my permit. I passed and got my permit. She was suppose to teach me how to drive so i could then take my road test. 4 yrs later nothing happened. I had to let go of my permit. I thought what the hell. I don’t need to drive. Today I disagree and hate that i chose this route. I should have done something when I had my permit. I could have paid someone to let me drive so I could have gotten my license. life is so hard without it.
2. I slept with a blankie until i turned 12..nuff said about that.
3.Today was my trip to the zoo with my son curtis. due to a lazy sob of a hubby we could not go because he is working…i could strangle the man.
4. I am a country girl who hates living in the country. However you put me into town and I am begging to be in the country. I am in the country now begging to go back to town. I am never happy.
5. I really hate my mother and wish she would just disappear into thin air. Life would be so much better after that. Honest.
6. I don’t know if my dad is really my dad. My sister is not..her real dad is italian. My brother is not as he does not look like me or my sister. I look like my sister but only with blonde hair. I grew up with them saying that he is not their father so what are the chances that he is not mine? i look like my mom and that scares me.
7. My mom has admitted to us kids that she cheated on dad then would find out she was pregnate each time she cheated on him. Now she wonders why my dad does this.
8. My children will not grow up with all the drama i grew up with it! Its normal for them.