Jun 18, 2007

10 minute writing summer day

Summer Day reminds me when I was little and living in a small villiage in PA. I was never at home during the summer time. I was always down the street at my friend’s house A and with K. We would go on walks or play in the backyard..tag or hide and seek. Or I would ride bike with A while she did her paper route. K and I would also go in her room and I would listen to Knew Kids on The Block with her. I loved doing this cause I was being a bad girl by listening to this music. I was raised on country music and was the only type of music i was allowed to listen too.
I recall one summer when we went to Kentucky for a family reunion on my dad’s side of the family. The car ride was long and tireing. Once we got to where we had to go the roads were no longer straight. I have never seen any roads like they are there. So curvy,uphill,downhill. Surrounded by nothing but trees. This is when I laid eyes on the Nintendo system. the orignal one. A cousin of mine had his along. I played mario most of the time we were there.
I aslo recall summer days at my Grandma’s house. They had a horse.. the first one I remember was Cocoa. Then after she died they got Jennifer. I was able to learn how to brush her down, saddle her up and go horse back rideing with her. I could only do it in the pasture cause I did not know the paths. I remember the smells and how it felt to be on a horse. The most amazing feeling in the world! Sometimes my sister would ride with me so we could go on the trails. One of these days this is how i want my kids to spend summer days. Riding horseback.
(my time is up now. I got this writing idea from crazedparent.)