May 26, 2007


(as seen in my journal from Maya’sMom as I wrote it there first. i was going to write an udate but noticed i needed this here first)
Thursedsay I was in alot of pain. My teeth were hurting really bad. I tried to get in locally to see a denist as I have four teeth that I know need to be pulled and I think I have an infection. Well we could not in locally but we could drive to the city and get in without an appoinment. sounds good to me!! we picked the kids up from school. After getting gas and food we were on our way. We made it about half way there when we lost the breaks on the truck. Thank god its standard and hubby knows how to drive standard even without brakes. We pulled into a gas station hoping to get brake fluid. None there so we made it to the next town. Only about 20 mins away from where the denist was. We put in brake fluid. Still no brakes. So we decided to turn around and head home. When we got back to the town where we lost the brakes at in the first place…all of a sudden they started working again. Mind you this was the halfway mark. So we just kept going. We went to a friends house and checked it over. everything seems to be find. No it was not out of brake fluid because it only took maybe 2 oz.We did have to keep gregory home yesterday because he was not feeling well. He had an apt at 5. We left there and came home for a few to change into shorts cause it turned out to be a really hot day. Then we went to Walmart to get diapers and wipes made it to the appt for gregory. Ear infection and an asthamatic cough. so he has an antibiotic and now gets to use Sam’s neb for some treatments as well. Well we had to go back to walmart to fill the scripts hoping to get done in time to go back to our freinds house for dinner. We got there at 5:30. I was told 20 mins…pretty good time. We did not get back out of walmart until 7. So since it was so late we ran to tops and got dinner. came home fed the kids. I gave the 3 boys a bath in my really small tub at the same time. I let the kids play and stay up until 9:30 because of being in the truck so long and because we were in the store for so long. i came on here long enough to write my note to all my friends. And went to bed.I did get a few things for me. I got some flip flops for summertime when and if it gets here. I got a new purse. This one is a backpack style purse with Tinker Bell on it!! I fell in love with it and just had to have it. And I got a new bra. Not just any old one. This one is my real size. The one that fits and lifts the way it needs to do. And its pink…my one dreaded color of mine. Its cute and good for my girl but for me no. I have to say I love it. My boys fit in it they don’t hang out. You see I was off my rocker when I thought I could wear the same size bra as before I had kids. I could never get in to it proper. With Pink I sure can!! I could not take it anymore. I had to find the right size now before something happened. I know you don’t really care but I have to say with Pink I am a new woman. I feel so much better about myself. Pink has changed me.

(if you have a week tummy do not read. if you so choose to do so then read at your own risk)I got some good sleep last night. That is the good news. I was startled awake this morning by hubby and Sam who was screaming bloody murder. Hubby told me to get up and look at Sam’s hand. I have never gotten out of bed so fast in my life before. Sleep was still in my eyes clouding my sight but when I seen what hubby was talking about…I was awake and ready to go in one second…not even a second. When I looked at Sam’s hand his nail was off his finger just hanging on by a small piece. I rushed around got the kids dressed as the boys were in undies.Rushed to ER only be sat down and told to wait. So wait we did. At some point we got to x rays. Then we waited some more. This was the longest wait I have ever done. Sam he was a trooper. He was still Sam unless he looked at his finger or he bumped it then he would scream and whimper for a few mins. Then right down he would get to play. When we finally got put into a room to be seen by the doctor…it was just me and Sam. He was crying out for daaadeeee so I went back and got him. The doctor came in and looked at it and tried to put the nail back in place. by this time Sam had 2 motrins the jr strenght kind in pills…oh i did stop long enough to help sam with the pain before leaving the house…and some tylnol that he got just before the x rays. That was a no go so they had to numb his finger. A nurse decided to put my already in pain baby in a papoose. He was strapped down so they could tend to his finger nail.I was singing to Sam and talking to him makeing so many promises to my baby. He was mad at me. I could tell he was. He was all red faced, soaked from his tears and mine. Every so often he would stop crying and look at me and scream. When they were done he could not even wait to be let loose. He climbed in my arms and gave me the biggest bear a hug he could. Again he cried out for daaadeeee so we went back to him. The nail is back under the cuvicle with 2 stitches and is wrapped up. On tueseday we take Sam to a specailist.Sam’s finger was shut in the bathroom door within 10 mins of getting up this morning. The part of the door where the hinges are. Gregory is the one who shut the door. No one is punished for this. I have to figure out what to do to prevent this.As I write Sam is upstairs in bed sleeping. When he wakes up he gets some tynol with codine. Then we are going to walmart to find him anther new bear to add to his collection. He already had Mc Donalds today. Later we will take a walk by the lake, call grandma, nana, cousin steph’s house to talk to steph, Tio and cousin K. We may go to Aunt Erin’s house but not sure.I hope Sam’s day goes better when he wakes up. I know he will be in pain but we have the best pain killer for the pain.