May 19, 2007

15 Things

Fifteen things my kids love
1. Snakes. They are fascinated with them. They have watched the movie Anaconda I don’t know how many times…lets just say the tape no longer works!

2. Tractors. Grandma and Grandpa has a few of them. They have to sit and drive these things every time we go and visit! (they just pretend they are)

3. Cars. They have so many matchbox cars its not funny! They come in every shape and different sizes too! FYI if you step on them they hurt really bad!!!

4. Trucks!!! They have decided they want to drive trucks when they get big like daddy is. They have many of these as well!

5. Baby dolls! Angelina has so many its not funny! She has enough of them that its like living in my own nursery!

6. Dogs. Sam is the one who loves doggies! The bigger the better! He loves them all so much that he likes to sit on them and lay on them! Angelina loves them too! Gregory is ok with them but is in different. Curtis is coming over his fear of them!!

7. Cartoons. Does not matter what they are. If its animated they are in love with them!

8. Disney Movies!! They have watched so many Disney movies that if you were to ask me questions i am sure I will know which one it is! Unless its a new one.

9.animals. any animal though the bigger and the scarier the happier they are.

10. wrestling. They love to wrestle with mommy and daddy and each other!

11. walking. They can all walk so many miles that you would think its wrong for them to walk so much.

12. school for right now! They love going to school. I know I know in time this will change.

13. Bubbles and bubbles and more bubbles.

14. Fish. We are planning to take them fishing this summer for the first time!!

15. the outdoors. They love being outside! They are free. they explore. what is not to love about being outside?