May 7, 2007

I am a good parent because.....

….Angelina tells me everyday that I am the bestest mommy in her eyes.
…Little Man gets all the services he needs in order to succeed in life and in school! I had to fight long and hard to get them but he has them!!! He shows me everyday that my hard work is paying off! He is talking now, reading, writing, riding a bike and all the other normal 5 yr old boy stuff.
…Gregory too shows me how much my hard work has paid off for him to get him the extra help he needed! In fact its paid off so much he does not need summer school this year!
…Sam is almost on track with his develpment because I worked even harder with him and earlier with him. He is still delayed across the board but not enough yet to cause concern.
…I stop what I am doing to listen to my kids when they need me. I always stop to just hug them and tell them how much I love them!
…I am forever telling them how proud I am when they learn something new! Even if its something small I still tell them that I am proud of them!
…they are healthy and growing everyday! They lack for nothing in life.
….I put their needs ahead of mine all the time! i go without stuff to make sure they can have a full belly and clothes.
….I have to be doing something right because the kids show love to each other no matter how mad they are. They do have moments yet even then after about 2 mins I can’t stay mad at them for jumping on my bed or turing the channel when i am watching the news…it always turns into something laughable!
….I show my kids my true feelings. i let them know when I am happy sad or mad yet i still love them all the same! I tell the kids that no matter how they are feeling that its ok to feel that way!

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