May 7, 2007

3 Things about me

So, here goes: things about me you may not have known:
three jobs i have had in my life
1. Mcdonald’s in a small town
2. mc donald’s in a city
3. kwick fill
three places i have lived:
1. Roullette PA
2. Seneca Falls NY
3. Penn Yan NY
three t.v. shows i like to watch:
2. House
3. Rock Star
three of my favorite movies:
1. Dirty Dancing
2. Ever After
3. Wilds Hogs
three of my favorite foods:
1. panil sp? its a puerto rican roast that is mmm mmm good
2. taco salad
3. ice cream
three of my favorite animals:
1. horses
2. tigers
3. dolphins
three people i think will respond:
1. i
2. don’t
3. know