May 6, 2007

Sammy Sam

Sammy Sam learned something new today! He can say and sign More!!! Yea! And there is one more he learned today as well: Phone! The phone rings and he comes to me yellin Phone! Phone! Phone! and will say it to me the whole time I am talking! I wish I could have taked a pic but my camera is needing some batteries! His face while I am on the phone is so cute! He listens to what I talk about..if its interesting to him he smiles and his eyes get so big! If its boring he looks at me rolls his eyes at me and looks away. I will be setting the camera up tomarrow so i can get some pics of these new faces he has!
With the more thing. He is saying it all the time. From getting a diaper change..yes during to when he is going upstairs for bed he says more while doing the sign. Its so cute! I am so happy that he is doing well with his speech and is picking up! Time will tell if he will need help or not!
Gregory is doing so well! he is talking up a storm. he wants to know what everything is all the time! one quetion after another!!!He has brown eyes..the only one!! He is my mama’s boy. Always comeing to me for a hug or just to say I love you mommy! Music to my ears! today he was so happy and easy going! I need to plan some one on one time with Gregory. I think he is feeling left out all of a sudden and I am not sure why. Nothing has changed. This week I will be doing more one on one time with the kids to see if this helps him. Sometimes between chores and kids and appts and daily life stuff the kids can be somewhat left out. this past week I have not read to them like i normally do because there has been alot going on. So today since its monday its time to get back on track!!
Gregory gets one more day of school this year. They planned for 4 snow days but we had 5. They have to make up for it. But its not a big deal because this extra day is when they will be doing the graduation for the children that are going to kindergarden in September which includes Gregory!!! They will be doing a picture slide of the graduating class followed by the graduation itself. Last year with Little Man it was a hawiian theme so I wonder what it will be this year?? After the graduation they will do a family picnic. Gregory is growing so much!!!
In June Little Man will be doing lots of feild trips! He will be going to the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester which is a small zoo yet still have lots and lots of animals! Don’t tell the kids yet but we are planning on taking the whole family that day and make it a family day with Curtis! I don’t want them to miss out on the fun! We could go any time we want just seems like a special day to go as a family on a field trip!