May 8, 2007

5 things that make my day

1. The kids get ready for school and out the door without me having to ask them 1001 times to get clothes on, get socks on,get shoes on, coats on if needed and then grab backpacks. I mean the mornings when they just do all of this without reminders!!
2. When the kids give me hugs and kisses and I love you’s for no reason..just cause!
3. When the kids can go just 5 whole mins without needing me to stop the fighting over a toy or 5 mins without hearing Mommy____(insert name)took that from me.
4. When the kids ask if its bedtime yet. Its so hard to get them all upstairs and into bed and then stay in bed for sleep. When they ask if they can go to bed…its like winning the lottery for me cause this means its an easy night all around. just not for me but for them too!!
5. When we as a whole family can just sit around playing together or watching a movie and no one is fighting or crying or anything! Just relaxing as a whole family of 6 in the same room together!

note: all of these things happened just yesterday! It sure did make my day yesterday!!! This is from Maya’smom!