May 30, 2007

4 more things about me

moving right along here:
favorite foods:
this one is going to be hard cause i have lots of favs so i am not going to think just type:
1. tacos. i love tacos and taco salad…mmm
2. pizza. the more peporoni and cheese the happier i am oh and don’t forget the green peppers!
3. cheeseburgers and hotdogs..grilled! counting this as one as we do both together all the time
4. pinile(sp) its a peurto rican pot roast and oh so good! only cousin steph makes it so one of these days im going to have to learn how!

favorite foods I make:
1. chocolate cake
2. brownies
3. lasagna
4. chocolate chip cookies

favorite kids tv shows:
1. Little Einsteins.
2. Scooby Doo
3. The Backyardigans
4. the Saturday morning cartoons i can’t recall the names.

more favorite movies:
1. wild hogs
2. Cars
3. Pearl Harbor
4. Blade