May 30, 2007

6 not so wierd things about me

1. My hair: Its always too curly for me no matter what. However no matter how I wear it its a. too short( right now) or b. too long. I can’t find a length that keeps me happy. Acutally now that I think more about it right now even though my hair is bairly at my shoulders its both. Its too long to wear it down yet too short for a pony tail. I have bags but they are too long for bangs but still to short for my hair to be one length. uggg. I am never happy when it comes to my hair. Its suppose to be blonde but right now the brown is fading so you can see blonde and Mr. Gray is showing is ugly head.

2. I can not eat anything that has speghetti sauce, pizza sause or tacos without drinking a ton of milk and eating tums like candy. And I am only 27. I get heartburn like crazy now after 4 kids. All my friends say this is a sign that I am getting to be an old lady…Not yet im not!!!

3. see above: there are also other foods out there that you would not think could give someone heart burn…and these foods give me horrible heart burn: italian salad dressing (my all time fav), cheese and applesauce. oh and somtimes my beloved coffee…what is up with that??

4. I have 4 children: 1 girl and 3 boys. I have a step son. My sister has 5 children 4 girls and 1 boy. she has one step daughter. My brother has one boy and one step son. Interesting. Well I hope my brother has more babies to catch up. he is way behind.

5. I may live in the state of NY but evertime I meet someone new..they think I am from the deep south. Then when I tell them that I grew up in PA they say with that accent no way…what accent may I ask?

6. I hate my birthname. Rebecca Lynn. I hate it. I hate that I call myself becky. i hate becca. I want to change my name but to what? I have to answer that.