Oct 14, 2008

Major Warning Please Read and repost!

A mom over in the Baby Center Community posted this and I feel that it's serious enough for everyone to spread the warnings about!
Here is what she says:

So, I really want everyone of you to read this! My son is in the hospital now for over a week in the burn unit because he climbed on top of a brand new bissell vacuum cleaner.

You would think I'm kidding but I'm not. This happened at the baby sitter's house a week ago from Wednesday and I'm home real fast on a break from the hospital and will head back later on this afternoon. He's received 2nd degree burns and has had surgery and a skin graft already. This has been a nightmare. Because it seems odd (who would think a vacuum cleaner could burn a kid?), Child Protective Services investigated the situation. They took the vacuum and tested it and sure enough, it was run for approx. 12 minutes and heated up to over 200 degrees. Human skin burns at 110 degrees. My son climbed on the vacuum cleaner when his sitter went to the bathroom (granted, I wish she didn't have it out, but that's a different story). Because it has a foot pedal, he accidentally turned it back on (keep in mind, it's already pretty hot) and we think he either got stuck or just panicked because she came out of the bathroom and found him straddling it and laying on top screaming.

Both of his inner thighs are burned and he can't even walk now. It's so heart wrenching to see my 1 year old who was just cruising around the house a week and a half ago unable to stand up b/c it hurts so bad. He can't even bring his legs together.

Please keep us in your prayers. I would post pictures of his injury, but I feel they are too horrific and graffic. But please, head my warning.

Also, the sitter contacted the Bissell corporation and when they found out what happened, they had corporate get on it. Well, corporate isn't willing to do anything about it. Not even post warnings about how hot their vacuums get. This sent me over the edge and made me angry, so now I'm out to let everyone know that their vacuums could be potentially dangerous. This could very well be a design flaw that only is on this vacuum, but it totally angers me that they are not willing to do ANYTHING about it (except give the sitter a replacement vacuum, yeah right!).

This is the vac Bissell "PowerForce Turbo" Bagless 6585 series. Please please please help spread the word about this! I would hate for any more little ones get burned by this vac because I didn't spread the word through my blog! She posted an update. They are now home and have found a lawyer who is willing to take on a big company!! The grafts are taking and healing!

Please copy and paste to spread the word on this! Here is a link to the post! You won't be able to comment without having an account but you can see it!

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Tina said...

Thanks for posting this! I will definitely read the post and spread the word. Amazing how big corps really don't care. Hope that baby get better soon!

Cool blog you have here! Thanks for the twitter follow. Look forward to your tweets!