Oct 31, 2008

Howdy Hi Friends!!

Happy Halloween!! I have been very busy getting the place in order and organized and unpacked!

Now that it's done I have a ton of pictures to upload but will save that for another day.

Grandma came over last night and helped the kids make their jack o lanterns. Lots of ill yuck that's gross. This is a Dirty Job, Mom. Like I was crazy to have them clean out the pumpkins. Have you ever watched this show? Have a thing about not watching anything gross? Then I say you should watch but be warned some of those jobs make me gag! Curtis and Gregory happily took the guts out with a spoon. Sam well let's just say he would stared at it like it came from outerspace. Though towards the end he got a kitchen spoon and took one seed at a time out. Hard working toddler he is! The boy had a blast though with Grandma. I'm trying to figure out who had more fun her or them?

Tonight the kids and I are going trick or treating. I'm taking them by.my.self. Alone. 3 boys with just me. Oh and I'm driving the 2.9 miles to town alone. I'm nervous but I'm sure everything will work out otherwise we don't go anywhere and there will be no trick or treating.

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