Aug 18, 2008

The weekend in review

After breakfast this morning I kept hearing a plane but could not see it. I could tell it was flying low. I grabbed my camera and went outside for a few minutes and it finally showed itself. I did use zoom a little bit but he was just above the tree tops. I don't know why he was flying around my neck of the woods but he made several loops. I got more pics of the plane but this one here is the best of them.

And this is me. Hot and tired with my new hair cut and color. Just got done staining molding that is going up in the boys' new room. We won't be moving in as early as we had thought. Stuff was found to need work as work was being done. Windows need to be replaced, bathroom needs to be finished which is mostly the vanity just needs to be finished. That is being made by a friend. The kitchen floor needs to be redone including tiles,boys room needs the rest of the tiles, the wall to my computer room needs to be put back up, a closet in that room needs to be built (which will actually be for coats right by the entrance door, and a shelving unit will also be put into the computer room. There's more but that is all off the top of my head.
This is a rose bud growing on the rose bush that will one day be mine! When we are all moved in I will have to give it some TLC cause the bugs are getting at it but it's still really pretty!
And then there is a full bloom rose on the rose bush. The only one the bugs have not bothered...yet.

I hope you enjoyed these shots as much as I do!


Honeybell said...

Love 'em! Especially the new do!!

Anonymous said...

love the new hair~great pics!