Aug 16, 2008

If I have to shop one more time...

Yesterday we decided to go to the city to do some school clothes shopping for the kids. I drove there. I made 2 mistakes that could have resulted in a crash but somehow didn't. The first one. Going 40 mph as the speed limit says. And since this town is a small city there is no shortage of red lights. One of those red lights turned yellow. Should I stop? Just as I think I'm too close to stop DH (in this case D stands for whatever word but dear) shouts Yes! Yes? Yes what? I brake. I stop. I barely stop where one should when stopping at a red light. I figured he was thinking that I was thinking I should stop. And he confirmed that for me. No he wanted me to keep going. Thankfully the car behind me was not riding my bumper when I stopped. And this was on the way to the city for the shopping. My second mistake. I make a left hand turn and just as I finish the turn the car in front of me suddenly stops to turn into a fast food joint. DH tells me to go around so I go around. Without looking over my shoulder. The road is a 4 lane highway. I cut a guy off.
I have this habbit of doing what he says when I'm driving. Which is good but I also need to remember to look when I should. I also need to stop second guessing myself and do what feels right. I also need to do drive more often in the cities and oversized towns so I can get enough hours in traffic racked up to take my road test. Because
I have to shop with Hubby again I might shoot someone. I'm sick to death of hearing:
Are you sure that is the right size?
What size?
Does that fit? Are you sure?
Is this the right size?
What about this size it cause looks right to me (and the size he holds up is what the kids have outgrown this year)
And my personal favorite: I don't care about the price as long as it makes the kids happy.
Price? We have a budget...sorta...and can't afford to spend $50 on a backpack for each child. Can't afford to spend $100 on a pair of shoes for each child either. When they get a job and have thier own money than they can pick out whatever they want and not worry so much about the price of one item is times 4.
So backpacks are in the house. 3 outfits per child is in the house. some supplies are in the house. Now all we have to do is get shoes, socks and the rest of the supplies. And so far we have only spent $170 on all the children. I'm good!
Well it's 4:21am i could not sleep but now i'm tired so i will see you all in a few hours.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry you have to shop with DH, I could not do that. You will get the driving thing~just keep practicing.