Aug 9, 2008

Four things you should know about me before you invite me into your home

Jamie is the reason for this so let's hop to it:

1. You may make whatever you want to for dinner. However if there are peas, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes in the food please don't be upset when you see them still sitting my plate. I don't like said foods however I have learned to pick them out of foods. In fact there is a running joke with my inlaws about me and peas. Though we will save that for another day.

2. When it's time to clean up even if you don't want my help I will help. I have cleaning up alone and hate doing it at my house but I always help clean up when I'm at someone's house. I don't feel right if I don't help. So take my help.

3. I'm quiet for the most part. But if a subject comes up that I happen to have thoughts on I will talk and talk and talk.....

4. And my kids. My kids are not angels in any way shape for form. They have moments when they can behave themselves. I do the best I can when I'm out with them not be the mom who is yelling and screaming at her kids. Sometimes though I have to. And then there are times when all it takes for the host is to say No more running and they will stop. They tend to listen way better to anyone else. Don't get me wrong though they can be fun to have around.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty normal to me~come on over anytime. :)