Jul 17, 2008

A note to my readers...

I joined up with SezWho through Entrecard on the first day it was available. It took me until last night to get Sezwho installed on my blog. I was out yesterday so as soon as I got home I checked my email and sure enough I finally got the code I needed to install it on the blog.
I do see that my posts can be rated. I also see that I can't rate your comments. It may take longer...I'm not sure. I have a support question and waiting for answers. In the mean time I don't want you think that I'm not rating comments. As soon as I can I will do so! Hopefully this will be resolved soon!


Sue said...

I installed it too. I didn't realize I was supposed to be the one rating them. Really that's how it works. The blog owner rates them? Do you only get entrecard credits if they are rated? I didn't know that part.

Jennifer said...

I joined up with them but then realized they didn't support Typepad blogs so I will wait until they do.

P.S. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a post. I appreciate your insight :-) I vent therefore I am! lol

TOCCO said...

Hi.... I didn't know we rated the comments. Let me know what you find out. Thanks for visiting. I really appreciated your kind words... Christina

TOCCO said...

Whoooo Hooooo.... I finally figured out how to rate on comments!!!! You have to click on the post headline. It drops down all of the comments and lets you rate them from there!!!!!! LOL

momto4kidsny said...

sue....I was under the impression that we rate our comments. I'm not sure if we only get the credits if they are rated or not. Would have to look into that.

jennifer: I hope they support the typepad blogs soon! One would think they would be already. Your welcome!!

tocco: I took it as we rate the comments that are left on your blogs. I will go and double check this just to be safe and will be sure to let you know! I might just do a blog post with the answer!!
Your welcome! It took me forever to figure out you have to click on the post title to see the rating system!