Jul 17, 2008

How Retail Therapy Saved Me From The Nuthouse

I made it through the last few days. Yesterday I was able to get out of the house. And I drove. Being a new driver this is a huge deal at least for me! I'm getting better at driving in cities. Though other drivers really need to pay attention! If not for me being careful and paying attention I would have been in quite a few accidents....all of which would not have been my fault. Quite a few pulled out in front of me and I had to slam on the breaks and the horn to avoid hitting 3 different cars. We went to the lake and had a picnic lunch. The kids were not too happy when they found out they had to wait before going swimming because they just ate. Though the playground distracted them! I got to talk to a Mom at the playground. One of her children is going to the same preschool the boys did and the one I tried really hard to get Sam into. And they just moved here 3 weeks ago. Inside I was a little piffed about this. But then I reminded myself that I did all I could do for Sam. It was his OT who failed Sam not me. We had a nice long conversation about the school, teachers and our kids. And the boys?? They actually allowed me to stand there and talk with her. No interruptions. Nothing. They just played! It was heaven. It really did them good to get out of the house and out of the backyard!
We made into the water. Sam ran all the way from the playground to the water which is a good distance away. He even walked into the water until the water got to his knees. He was done. I picked him up and carried him out and squated in the water. The water touched Sam's big toe and he freaked. "Don't want it. NO! Can't" He clung harder to me and choked me. Curtis and Gregory were fishies in the water! They loved it and had no problems. Though at one time they too did this. I continued to try to get Sam wet. Each time I would be strangled and he would claim he didn't want it. So DH and I passed Sam back and forth. We took turns playing with the boys and holding Sam. I noticed Sam was more content with Daddy though. He actually would splash in the water and swim in his own little way! I wanted pictures. The whole time though my camera sat in my purse untouched. When it was time to leave I noticed my swimsuit that I bought last year which was a little tight but not too tight to make unbearable for those around me to see me in.....was now too big for me. Too big for me to be wearing in out of the water.
The next leg of our journey was retail therapy. I *thought* the kids would be good as they had a few hours of play time and about an hour or so in the water. DH wanted me to get a new swimsuit. I was thinking a one piece. He wanted me to get a 2 peice. I don't understand how a man would even consider craming my body into strings with small pieces of cloth that would not even begin to hide anything to anyone's imagination. Thank God the first store we went to had nothing even close to my size. The second store did though. However I picked out a nice tankini in black. With a bottom that has a little skirt attached to it. I have heard tankini's are out. However I had to find a compromise for hubby. He wanted a 2 piece and I wanted a one piece. Tankinin's bring the best of both worlds together in one. I get to be covered up the way I want to and hubby gets the two pieces he wants. The kids were horrible. Sam refused to sit in the cart. Refused to hold hands or even stay with the group. I had the child in the store that people stare at and whisper about. I got the idea that I wanted a new stroller for Sam. One that he would fit in...legs and head all in the stroller not hanging out because he is too big. This way Sam and I could go for walks and I could loose a few more pounds. Jogging stroller is what I wanted. That store did not have what I wanted. I also walked out of there with a new black dress!
Store number 3 had what I wanted. Yet hubby was not too happy with the price. Sam had his monkey on and he either refused to walk or would walk yet dragging my behind him as he runs. Not a pretty site. Store number three was the mall. Which had this idea to host their own Local Idol comp. At the mall. Where I was trying to relax. Not a good mix. The singers had no idea how to sing. It was like being forced to watch all the bad acts on American Idol...those that don't make it yet are played anyways. By the time we left there I was ready to claw my eyes out.
And our last store not only had what I was looking for but also had it at a price hubby was willing to pay for! Yay!!!!!! So now I have to figure out a good walking schedule. However right now Sam is waiting for me as he wants to try out the new ride! And to be honest??? I have been ready since Midnight to try out the new ride!


TOCCO said...

So glad the rain stopped.... glad you got the bathing suit settled! Men can have stubbornitis sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the water. I haven't even been in a bathing suit in years~I can't imagine trying to shop for one. I am ultra modest and I doubt if I could find one to suit me. Sorry about the terrible singers at the mall~I would have stuffed something in my ears :)