Jul 31, 2008

No more flowers

Ok folks I have looked at the flowers long enough. I don't even want to come to my blog so I can only imagine that my readers don't want to as well. So I have painstakingly searched and searched and searched for a new look. I even found a few that I liked however my computer hated downloading the code needed. But have no fear I have found something new. It's brown which is the only color that really goes well with my place but it's diffrent. So give me about 20 mins and I shall have yet another new look and this time I like it and it's free of flowers. Woot!

The one and only update:
I'm done now:) And I promise I won't change it again in very near future!


Trish said...

I love it - it really feels like chocolate! And I like how the edges fade out, very nice.

By the way, I tagged you if you would like to play along - A Few of My Favorite Things

momto4kidsny said...

Trish: Will be over to check it out. And the theme is called Chocolate Beach so I could not pass it up! Glad you like it and glad it feels like chocolate to you too!

Anonymous said...

it looks great!

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