Jul 29, 2008

It's not easy to please 3

Yesterday the boys and I went up to Grandma's house (MiL) to pain the boys soon to be room in the place. I'm a fan of home improvement shows shown on HGTV and sometimes TLC. And I have to tell you a secret...what they don't show or tell you is that when they are painting a room it's not easy and painless. It's not at all. The clips of someone on a ladder happily paiting I swear on my choclate stash they are not happy. Do you know what they are thinking? I do and it goes something like this: Will I be able to move in the morning?? How many motrins is it going to take so I can get out of bed? What was I thinking to paint a room much less paint the ceiling as well? And if I ever even so much as think as painting a room again slap me upside my head with a paint brush and then find a local painter do it for me. Because I will never again do this. I kid you not people. And I have answers to the questions too. It will take 4 motrins to get out bed however the muscles will continue to be stiff and going down steps is easier if you slide down them because you can't move at all. I was thinking the boys would love to have their room a bright blue because it's better than white. And the ceiling needed to be painted to brighten up the white and to break up all the blue on the walls. And I thought for sure it would be fun. I wish I had pictures to share with you but upon packing up the diaper back I forgot the camera.
And I learned something else too. Even though you thought for sure that 3 boys would be happy with the color blue they will change their minds after 3 of the walls have been painted blue. One wants green and the jungle on the walls, one will want yellow with BumbleBee and one will want orange because that is the only color the boy knows how to say! Sure there are enough rooms in the new place for each boy to have his own room just the way they want it they won't have it. They want to stay together.
So what am I going to do? I'm not going to repaint any of the walls to give them each a wall with the color of their choice that's for sure. However I am going to buy decals and posters that contain what they each want and hang them on the walls. So much easier and a less work! And when it's all said and done I believe they will either like the room or they will have to live with it until they are older and begging to have thier own room once and for all. Then we will paint using the colors they want.
The next time we go up I will make sure to bring the camera to share my hard labor!


jenny-up the hill said...

Oh Sheesh! I hate to paint...hate. it! I have two boys in one room and,fortunately, they agree on the colors...it's just the colors they pick..ack!! Seriously, all of it makes me want to stick a fork in my eye! lol!! And you are right...all those shows make it looks so easy and carefree. I've always wondered how the hallways and unseen rooms look when the crew leaves?? I can imagine everything piled up not looking so lovely! lol!!

Anywhoo.....just wanted to stop by and thank you for signing up for Nessa's Lilaguide group! I appreciate you taking the time to do so and I also appreciate Nessa donating her monies from the registrations to my Blogathon cause. You two are kind, kind people!!

Honeybell said...

I truly don't mind the painting an open wall so much, it's the cutting in that makes me want to scream. That's why I got married. :D

momto4kidsny said...

jenny up the hill: I have a feeling after the crews leave it takes the home owners days to get things back in order and months to find everything again! I could not imagine the mess! At least your boys agree on the colors even if you don't quite care for them! I could only dream of that happening!
your very welcome!

honeybell: The cutting in is a pain in the rear! For some reason telling hubby he had to take the day off to help us paint didn't come to mind until we were painting the ceiling! Next time though he will be there without a doubt!