Jul 30, 2008

FYI to all

Ok I have had this theme for awhile now. I have changed colors around more time than I can count. I'm currently tired of looking at this template. And until I have the money to pay someone to make me a new design....I have found another template I want to give a try. I really should do this later at night however at night I'm in bed sleeping. So you if you come here and you don't see anything in my sidebars...it's because I'm in the process of adding the new look. Please be patient with me while I do this.
See ya on the other side and hopefully everything will be as it should be!


New look is now in place and now working on my sidebars and a few other things as well!

Update number 2:
According to my notes I have everything as it should be now! Though I have to admit I feel like something is missing. Also the feel of the blog seems off to me and I'm not sure why.
What do you all readers think? Will give it some time and see what happens!

Update number 3:
Sorry about all the updates here but figured it's easier than doing another post. I'm working on the page settings. I have figured out how to rename them but can't figure out how to add anything to them yet. If you have any tips for doing so I would be thankful! In the meantime I have to stop working on this and go do some dishes before we head out for our weekly out of the house day trip. I will do more tonight or tomarrow!
Thank you all for being patient!

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