Jun 27, 2008

OMG It's about time dude!

Hubby is back to work! Could not have returned to work at a better time! I was ready to pack up his stuff and ship him out. I have several blog posts that are in draft form because he hated the idea of my blogging with him home. The couple of posts that I did manage to finish were done while he was upstairs pouting. The things he would pout over are things I deal with every single day. Sam has to watch Mickey Mouse. He watches Mickey Mouse and I don't have to listen to the boy cry for Mickey Mouse all day long until he is on in the afternoon. Daddy could not grasp this concept at all. Now I tend to leave it on cartoons for Sam the rest of the morning. He does not sit and watch the cartoons like a vegie. It's more background noise. Daddy would go to change the channel. Sam freaks when you do this. Unless you tell you him the cartoons have gone night-night so we have to find something else. I thought for sure the world was coming to an end in my house. Sam screaming bloody murder and daddy screaming he is sick of the cartoons all while I'm trying to get a word in to explain to Daddy how to do things to prevent this. Afterwards I would again explain how to change the channel to prevent the meltdowns. I swear he lost his hearing because he never once in the time he has been out of work used the method that works. I would rather use what works to prevent the crying than to listen to the crying...but that is just me.
He got to the point that I was even trying to come up with ways to just shoot him to put him out of misery that would not land me in prison. He was acting like a caged animal for the past 2 weeks. The whole I will go to prison for the rest of my life and never get to see my children grow up thing is why the man is still alive. And the part of I shot at a target back when I was 18 to get my hunting license and I hated hated hated shooting the target. And even though I got my hunting license I never once went hunting. My words to him yesterday morning as he was going out the door to work
You will never be able to handle staying home with the kids all day,every day, every week, every year like I do. Never.
He only had to deal with Sam during the daytime hours. The kids are on day 3 of their summer vacation today. He went to work after all the kids were home one full day. He is so lucky to get out of that. Because it means he still has a home and he gets to live.


Honeybell said...

LOL! Take a deep breath, I'm so glad you didn't kill him, I don't think they'd let you blog from prison.

momto4kidsny said...

honeybell..yea i don't think they would let me blog from prison either! Like I said he is lucky! Next time though there is going to a list of rules hanging on the wall for him to follow!