Jun 30, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday!

It is so hard for me to believe that this baby is you, Sam! You have grown so much in your 3 years!

You loved laying on the floor watching your brothers play! You would get so mad when you could not get up and chase after them! Now that you can...they get mad because you are always right there! It's amazing how the tides have changed in the last 3 years! You are the explorer! Always looking for something to show me or your brothers! You have a good eye for nature! I told Daddy that I wanted a boy with blue eyes and blonde curly hair! Daddy laughed! When your hair finally came in and it was curly...daddy wanted to shave your head...and still does to this day! You love it when daddy out of the blue gets his hair clippers out and tries to give you a hair cut and Mommy gets up and chases him down while he chases after you! The squeals and laughs are music to my ears! Speaking of music...you love music! You are forever plugging the headphones into the computer asking for songs! Or stealing an ipod to listen to songs! Watching your face light up each and evertime you are listening to songs...blows me away!
Did you know that your love for music started before you were born? You were a rib kicker. I swear it felt like you were climbing your way out using my ribs. One night I was having trouble getting to sleep because you were beating my ribs like a drum. I got up and turned on the radio and laid on the couch. For the longest time your kicks were in tune with the beat of the music. Daddy came out wondering where I was and I told him what you were dancing to the music. He turned it off and said no way. Instantly you started on my ribs again so I turned it back on. Sure enough daddy put his hand on my belly and felt your rythem. Now when you are upset I turn on the radio and you start dancing!
You dance to your own tune even when the music is not on. Dancing though life is a wonderful way to deal with all that life throws at you...keep dancing. Keep dancing!


Honeybell said...

He is such a cutie, Happy Birthday Sam!

momto4kidsny said...

honeybell...thanks so much!

Trish (wheresthebox) said...

What an adorable little guy, both then and now! That's great that you knew he liked music so early - my son had the hiccups every day for the last two months I was pregnant. It was pretty funny. ;)