May 20, 2008

Still Waiting

Well yesterday was the deadline for the school to set up Sam's home based services. I thought for sure that I would hear something by the end of the day yesterday. Guess this is what thinking gets for me. I hope they call soon! I have been doing some OT type therapy with Sam as I learned how to do them with Curtis and then Gregory so it's natural for me to just to do it with Sam too. He is responding well to deep pressure and "Pushies" other wise known as joint compressions. He is also responding well to to the Brushing. Since I no longer have the actual brush for this I am improvising! Bath time I use deep pressure with the wash cloth as I scrub him up and I count each stroke on each arm and leg to make sure that each side is even. I am also doing lotion baths. He is always covered in lotion now as that is his favorite thing in the world....well besides Mickey Mouse! He also loves being the piggy in the blanket! I wrap him up tight in a blanket and then take a pillow and squish him and then I roll him out of it! We do this stuff all day long! The baths are morning and night. And I have to say that in 4 nights he started sleeping in! Instead of waking up before the sun would come up he is now waking up around 7:30 which is alot easier to handle than 5:30!
I totally wish I had a blog back when I was doing this stuff with Curtis. Or at least I wish I never lost the notebook I was keeping full of notes and activities that he was doing that worked. This is all I can remember and I know there were plenty more that we were doing. My Mommy brain though just does not recall anything else. For now though this is a good start! Now they just need to call and get this going already! The sooner the better for Sam!

On another note Angelina is turning 10 tomorrow! 10! Ten! Do you have any idea how hard it is to shop for a 10 yr old these days?? I guess its a good thing that Hannah Montana is around! I was able to take that and run with it! She will be suprised when she sees what she is getting. Her party is on Friday at a local pizza shop! More later!


Honeybell said...

Grrr. I hope you get an apology along with that phone call. Happy Birthday to that gorgeous girl!

WherestheBox said...

I would call them - I have let too many things go and then been sorry I didn't follow up!

How great that Sam is responding so well to the techniques. And happy birthday to Angelina!