May 6, 2008


It has dawned on me that soon I will be the only one least in the mornings. I'm banking on Sam starting preschool real soon. As in hopefully this month! His IEP will be made on Monday. He could start right away or he could start in July for summer school. I'm hoping they will let him start this month! Introduce him now and then summer school and then the regular school year. Mornings kid free. Of course I won't be totally alone as hubby will be home until he has to go to work. I wonder what that will be like? I'm going to keep Sam half days for now. Figure we will see how he does and then go from there! I would love for him to go full days. But since he is so little I'm worried that the full day class will be too big for him. I have time to figure that out later. I already know the first few days I will be falling apart. I did with Angelina, Curtis and Gregory. So I know it will happen with Sam too! I imagine getting my house clean and in order...the way it used to be before kids. And then it will fall apart the minute they come home but that's okay! I imagine getting blogs read and books too! I have so many books that are waiting for me to read just have not sat down long enough to read them!
Not much is going on around here which is why I have not blogged very much. Mother's Day is coming up. Will be going up to Grandma's house(mil) Saturday for our first family picnic of the year! I'm so excited!!! Family gatherings have cut down because of gas prices and food prices going sky high. So to actually have one is like winning the lottery to me....well it's close! Of course since this picnic has been planned since november my mother called me wanting us to come to her house saturday. Would have if not for this already planned and happening. Needless to say she is not happy about it. We have never done last minute plans around here as far as family gatherings. They have to be planned out. Curtis needs a schedule. Everything is planned out a month a head or not more just so he is aware. The smallest change will send him into fits. Since he was aware of the picnic happening at Grandma's I could not change that. Hopefully my mother has learned this lesson....though I doubt it because it's been like this for us since Curtis was 3. It's weird how the inlaws have learned this early on and follow it to a tee. They understand. Yet my mother can't get it through her thick head. Oh well it's her loss not mine.


Honeybell said...

I'm so looking forward to when Monkey Boy goes to school . . . which makes me feel like a jerk. I just miss having alone time for me!

As for your mom, families . . . aren't they fun?

wheresthebox said...

Shh, don't tell anyone that I actually took off work this Thursday so I can have some time at home alone! That is the Little Guy's playgroup day so he won't be home until almost 4pm. :)

momto4kidsny said... I feel like a jerk for writing about how much I look forward to Sam going to school so I can have my alone time! I totally understand!

wheresthebox: I won't tell anyone! Enjoy your day off and alone!!