Apr 16, 2008

What would you do?

Yesterday I went back to the dentist. That is now twice in 2 weeks. I don't think I mentioned it last week when I had 2 teeth pulled. That left me with one tooth in the back on the left side. Yesterday 2 more were pulled. On the top left side and that also leaves me with one tooth in the back on that side. It started out that all the teeth that needed to come out on the left top side would come out. This included the ones in the front that are coming out to make room for the partial. So I was numbed up for a total of 4 teeth to yanked out. While numbed up she also cleaned my teeth. Not a big deal cause I could not feel anything. Then she started yanking the teeth. Just before the first one was completly out I felt her pulling on the tooth. I felt the tool she was using. I was able to stop her. She gave me 3 more shots. That one came out. She started on the second one again I felt it just before it was totally out. Again she gave me 3 more shots. That one came out. Then she was in the front and went to start pulling out number 3. Starting is the key word. She poked my gum where the tooth meets the gum with a tool. I.Felt.That. Instead of just raising my left hand like I am suppose to do I screamed at the top of my lungs. As much as someone can do with their mouth already open with hands and tools in their mouth. I was done. Sure she could have given me more shots but quite frankly I could not stand to sit there any longer. I could stand to be in the same town as the dentist was.
I don't want to go back there again. I want to find another dentist. I want to finish somewhere else. I have had enough. With each tooth that has been pulled in the past few months...which is a total of 6 I have had countless shots, and have heard with each single tooth cracking and popping of bone. It's a sound that I can not begin to describe. But it's 50 times worse than someone taking thier nails and scratching a chalk board. I kid you not. I can not sit and listen to this sound anymore. I have talked to another dentist that is willing to take me on. Is willing to try to finish up the work. And has said that more than likely he would refer me to anther dentist that would not only finish the work for me but would aslo sedate me for the remaining work. This I have to say sounds like dental heaven.
Yet Hubby makes a good argument.
He says because I am so close to being done.....as in I have 3 more teeth(if i am counting right) left to be pulled. That would take 2 more visits. Unless she decides to numb the front teeth on top and the ones on the bottom right.....that it would be sensless for me to find another dentist at this point. And he says it will take longer to get the work finished if I switched now than it would if I stayed and finished up.

Would you stay and listen to bones cracking and popping each time a tooth was pulled? Would you suck it up with the needles and keeping going? At this point I am starting to have panic attacks just thinking about the dentist. And on days that I do go....I can hardly breathe but somehow manage to live through the visit.
Or would you just say I can't take it anymore and go to someone who could send you to someone just to be sedated so you end up being more relaxed and comfortable?
Tell me....what would you do?


Anonymous said...

When I went to the dentist. I was really numb and he was pulling back and forth and there was that cracking noise you spoke off. I stopped him in the middle to breathe. I said this just doesnt seem right lol. The whole thing just was out of control! Then afterwords you feel this gap in your mouth and it just makes one feel real lousy! Good luck:)

Honeybell said...

I would go with dental heaven. I understand your husband's point, but if you start having a panic attack and can't continue, that's no good either.

I'd also wonder at the competence of a dentist that repeatedly has to give you additional shots . . . .

momto4kidsny said...

leelee...thanks! Before all of this I have been to the dentist and had a tooth or two extracted and never heard the sound. Maybe I blocked it out? I could have.

Honeybell....thank you for the advice! I really want to go with dental heaven because I don't think I can handle going again. If it takes extra shots to get someone numb enough not to feel something in the middle of a procedure....it's not good. I also wonder if she got her license to pratice denistry from a cracker jack box........
Thanks again!

Elizabeth said...

What kind of freaking sadist is this dentist? I see ads for "sedation dentistry" all the time, I thought all dentists used it! RUN, Becky, RUN! lol

Hey, you're my Entrecard advertiser today, thanks! I LOVE your new badge for your blog, too.

momto4kidsny said...

elizabeth...thanks for stopping in and for the advice! I have some news to share on this and will post about it in a few!!

I seen me advertised on your blog!Glad you like my new card!!

mollyalexis said...

I feel the same way you do! I had a tooth pulled not long ago and I freaked! I couldn't tell if I was numb and it was really scarey. The dentist was not sympathetic at all. He just said, "please don't make any noises, I need to concentrate". I'd definately go for the sedation!