Apr 13, 2008

Good News:)

Sometime in the near future we are moving! We will be moving to a smaller town not too far from where we are now. We still won't be in town though....LOL. And the best part is that we will be living next door to the inlaws. Not a bad thing for us! I actually love my MIL as if she was my own mom. And close to my FIL as well. We will be going from a 2 bedroom with a small yard to a 4 bedroom with a huge yard! The kids will get to spend more time with their grandparents and we can help them out more! We will aslo be switching schools. The new school district is actually smaller which means smaller classrooms which means the kids will get more time with the teachers.
So what does this mean for us? We will be helping with repairs. New floors throughout the whole place. Not only are we going to help with that but I also have the task of finding the flooring myself. I will be able to pick what I want and hopefully I will find something that is nice to look at and easy to clean! I have decided not to have carpeting because it's so hard to clean up any spills. I also have the option of picking out anything else I want for the place! I also get to let the kids pick out paint for their room....that will be a treat and a task! I have already found out that they want diffrent colors for the room. Gregory wants yellow, curtis wants blue and sam wants orange, blue, red color names he knows. I am playing with idea of painting everything blue and using yellow for stars and then i just have to figure out what to do to add one of the colors for Sam. For right now we are keeping them in the same room until they are a older and comfortable in the new place. I fear if we split them up now it would mean no sleeping.
If you have any ideas about how to add red feel free to share! I am not creative enough to come up with something that will work and look good! Hubby says we could do red stripes on the walls. Not sure if that would work or not.
Angelina's room will be easy! She wants either pink or purple. Though it's easy when only one child needs to pick for one room!
My room I am thinking about doing something with chocolate brown and some shade of blue trim.
The kitchen, bath, dining room and living room all need ideas as well. I just have not gotten that far yet! I welcome any ideas you all may have so feel free to share! I would love any input!
Well that is the good news! Updates will come as we get started! We are going there on Saturdays until the work is complete!!


Honeybell said...

How exciting! Sounds like you are going to be a busy woman, but the fun kind of busy!

momto4kidsny said...

Honeybell: I'm so excited about this that I can barely sit still! I will be busy but it sure will be fun!!!