Mar 12, 2008

WW Sam hiding

Sam is forever hiding in a laundry basket. Even if the basket is full of folded laundry he will dump it out. Or if it's full of dirty laundry that is waiting by the washer to be washed he will dump it out. Sometimes but not all the time he even finds an empty one too.
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Jamie said...

Great picture!

Beckaboo said...

Aww... I love those "secret" places. Sweet.

Blessings, Beckie

Will said...

Kids like laundry baskets. Our kids used to tie a rope to the laundry basket and drag themselves and the animals around the house.

Jocelyn said...

Hi, happy WW! :)
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Jocelyn @

Bahama Mama said...

We used to "fly" Emily around in the laundry basket. Isn't it funny what kids gets fascinated with?