Mar 27, 2008

Potty Training Take 1001

Sam is once again playing with the idea of becoming a big boy and using the potty! As much as I want to shout this from the roof top I am so not going to until he is complete with the process. This time around he is going potty either before I do or after I do depending on how busy he is with his toys. Not only is he going potty every single time but he is doing so on his own.
Sam has a stubborn streak. When he sets his mind to something he will either do it or not do it depending on what is you want him to do. Want him to potty train?? Forget It. Won't happen unnless it's totally his idea. There is no taking the diapers and hiding them. He knows. Even when he is sleeping and you hide the diapers......he knows they are in the house somewhere and he will pee on the floor until you have had enough and get the diapers. Pull ups? He is wearing them now. Underwears?? He looks at you and the underwears as if you have a needle instead of underwears and will tell you "No!" Can't" upon asking why "Said so" If it's something he chocolate.....he will make sure you give it to him at any cost. From asking over and over and over until you swear under your breath and give it to him to throwing himself on the floor and screaming and kicking until you are so worried that someone hears his screaming and will report that you are abusing your child when all you are doing is refraining from feeding your child chocolate for breakfast. And because of calm the child down and give them the chocolate.
Sam is 2 yrs and 9 months in age. In June he turns 3. I pray that this stage will leave by then. Terrible Twos. He has them worse than any of his siblings.
If you don't hear from me for a few days it's because I am attempting to teach my stubborn Sam the rules, potty training and how to not throw fits because he can't have chocolate for Breakfast.

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Honeybell said...

Oh I feel for you! We haven't started this with Monkey Boy yet, but he's the last one! YAY!