Mar 25, 2008


Was a quiet day for us! After so much noise going on we needed peace. And we had it too. We stayed home and it was just us for the holiday. It's actaully easier on me to stay home and just be on Easter. It's the one holiday that is hard for me to celebrate.
Easter marks another year gone by without my Grandma. Another year when it's harder and harder to remember her. I can't even recall how old I was when she died. I know I was young possibley about 7 or 8. I can't recall the date anymore like I used to so know my heart goes by Easter even though Easter is never on the same date each year. It's easier to pick Easter to remember the memories as much as I can. This year I reflected back on the few memories I have left.
She was a crafty woman. She made everything from doilies to blankets, photo albums to jewelry boxes. There was never a time when she visited us or we her that she was not working on making something. Never a time when she would show me how to do whatever it was she was doing. The very last thing her and I made together was a jewlery box for me. It was white with blue trim. And on top of the lid for the box it said in Red....I Love You with hearts.
Her favorite perfume was Sweet Honesty. A scent that Avon used to carry and is now really hard to find. Up until a year ago I had her last bottle of it. One of the boys....or all three together had found the bottle on top of my dresser and sprayed the bottle until it would not spray no more. It's now all over a blanket I refuse to wash. I keep that blanket in my top drawer refusing to admit that the scent is fading.
When we would arrive at her house for a visit she would make Grandpa go up the horse barn and saddle the horse so we could ride her. The first horse I remember they had was Coco. I named her when she was a pony. After Coco was Jennifer the last horse to ever be at Grandma's house. Coco got really sick and had to be put down because she was suffering too much and beyond recovering. Jennifer loved to escape every chance she got. The last time she escaped with Grandma at the house....I ran to the house and told her. She gave me an apple and a carrot and told me to stand and wait for her by the spring of water that always ran in a ditch just past the lower driveway. Everyone else was calling her and trying to catch Jennifer. I stood there by the side of the road next to the spring just waiting. Jennifer came out of the woods behind the house and down the driveway and up the road to where I was. I was able to bring her back to the barn after offering her the apple the carrot and some water to drink.
(The spring of which I talked about runs in the ditch. It's pure water and always cold no matter the weather and really good to drink. When my grandparents moved into the place and seen the water trickling out they tapped into it with hose. The best place ever to get a fresh glass of water. There is also another spot in the pasture for the horses as well. That one kept a huge barrel cut in half full of water at all times. Every few days it would have to be empties out but it was the easiest way to keep water for the horse.)
I may now only have 3 memories of my Grandma but I know that she lives on in my heart. One day I plan to take my boys to the land she lived on and my Grandfather still lives on (he is another story for another day) or at least I hope he still lives there. I want my boys to know where it is that I spent many many summers as a little girl. One will happen.

On a happy note the kids were thrilled! They had a blast looking for their easter baskets and hunting eggs in the house. It's the law in NY when it's cold outside the egg hunt is to be held inside! I do have pictures and will post them throughout the week! Our day was peaceful and for that I was greatful. I was able to not only spend the day with my family but I was aslo able to think back on memories that are slipping away. And that is a blessing in itself.

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