Feb 4, 2008

Super Bowl

Hubby is officially working again...Monday through Friday! He will have weekends off! I can breathe again! I can also visit my bloggy freinds more now like I used to before he went on his winter break! I can get back to writing about anything and everything I want to without him saying Why must you write? I write because I like to. I write because how else am i suppose to remember anything? Not to mention I really am trying to find myself among all the titles I carry. You know them...mom, wife, cook maid and the list goes on and on. This blog helps me to do that! Though for whatever reason I have yet to really talk about me and that is because its not all about me not when I have a family to raise!

So the Giants won last night. Because I normally don't get into football I didn't pay much attention to the game until he started yelling at the tv. That is when I learned he was wanting the Giants to win. It was the tail end of the second quarter when I decided to watch the game. Hubby cheering on the Giants and I was cheering on the Patriots! Though not really caring who won as long as someone did so I could gain back the tv! The last few minutes of the game he was telling the Giants to "Get them" and I was telling the Pats to get the damn ball! Go catch it! What don't you have ears??? See I did get into the game after all! And I have to be honest. I can't sit here and tell you that the commercials were awesome and I liked them all. Wish I could. But I can't! I have seen way better super bowl commercials before. I feel that they dropped the ball this year. I found myself begging for the commercials to stop and go back to the game! I know I am shocked with myself was well. A few of the ones I will mention that I laughed at. The pespi one with Justin Timberlake! OMG that one had me pissing myself I was laughing so hard! Though having some liquor in me did not help. But am I still laughing today? Nope! And the tire one with the animals in the road had my boys laughing! And the Audi car commercial was good as well. When the man woke up to find a piece of his car in his bed had me giggling.
Good things to be said about these ones. However they just don't come close to past commercials. Sorry folks! The game was way better this year!
What about you? What do you think??

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alwaysmom said...

Yeah on hubby going back to work!! I didn't watch the game but I love watching my team-Steelers-play football and I totally get into it!