Feb 19, 2008

having some fun

I had fun on Saturday when we to our cousin's house! They have a dog and I thought for sure that Curtis would have freaked out the very second he walked in the house and laid eyes on the dog. He shocked me though cause he never did freak out! Curtis is afraid of all dogs. Yet it seems that if the dogs are Grandma's or Cousin's (inlaws)the dogs don't bother him. He freaks out over friends dogs. He freaks out passing a dog on the street. He freaks out over Nana's dog(my mother). Yet the dogs at Grandma's and Cousin's don't bother him. Must have something to do with good vibes or something. Curtis must know he can trust Grandma and Cousin and they won't allow the dogs to hurt him. Interesting. He even petted the dog. And in the past he has even played ball and frisbee with Grandma's doggies and has had a blast! I am so happy that he is alright around family dogs.
Some tips from me to you:

1. Two year old's should only get Chocolate once in awhile. Otherwise they will start vibrating off the walls and end up so hyper and tired that they will lay on the floor kicking and screaming. Trust me it's not a pretty thing to see and witness.

2. Toddler Beds. They come in all sorts of colors and materials. I had 2 made out of wood and if you have active boys stay away from the wood kind. The metal and plastic holds up much better. They also come with characters. Lots to choose from and they range in price depending on what you get and where you shop!

3. Party Bus rules are easy. Be calm and collective while on the bus so you don't distract the driver. In fact I would not even think about having a party on a bus. It won't be fun at all!

4. Chocolate Parties are fun and easy. Just invite friends and family over for some fun. The snacks and whatnots you put out are all chocolate. See told you easy:)

5. Did you know there are plenty of reasons to throw a party? Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Holidays or even just to get together with some friends.

6. You can even play games at your party. But I can't tell you what type of games until I know if its grownups, couples, or children. Don't want to give advice for a children's party with couple type games.KWIM?

Did I tell you that Curtis no longer wants to live with me? No? I must then. When we got ready to leave on Saturday to come home Curtis did not want to come home. He wanted to stay there. Why? Because he got to eat chips and cookies instead of the Awesome dinner that was made. He thinks if he stays there he can live off of chips and cookies. I finally was able to cure my cravings! Pirnelle which is a Puerto Rican pork roast that is oh so good!! Potatoe Salad just the way I like it! She is the only person in the world that can make it for me. I can't even get it right when I make it myself. And rice just the way they make it. Also done Puerto Rican style. Finger liking good food!


Momo Fali said...

I think an all chocolate party sounds like a lot of fun! Great idea.

I was really scared of dogs when I was little. I was bit by two different dogs as a kid, and it really put the fear in me. But, now I'm a dog lover! It's cats that scare the crap out of me.

Becky said...

Hey Momo good to see ya!
I have a fear of large dogs and strays. So I can relate to him with this one!
And a chocolate party does sound good!!