Jan 21, 2008


I'm in alot of pain today. Sam took his head butting to a whole new level last night. He refuses to fall asleep without being held. It's a new thing for him as he has been putting himself to sleep since he was about 9 months old. Now out of the blue he has to be held. I think being sick lately has played a major role in this change in him. He has always accidently head butted me with the back of his head. I always so Ouch that hurt and have done a wide range of things...from saying don't do that to a spank on the bottom out of pain. Last night I thought he was going to turn around in my arms only have him bash my mouth.

With blood in my mouth I tossed him to the side and cried. Cried like a two old would who fell and hurt themselves. DH got up quickly and turned the light on and looked at my lip which was swelling pretty fast. Bawling my head off I ran into the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth and applied it to the inside of my upper lip. Getting the bleeding under control I look in the mirror to see what damage was done. My right front tooth is cracked. I have to figure out how to get through to Sam that he can not do this anymore. I have no idea what to do. Last night I showed him what he did. The cut on my lip because of my teeth and the crack in the tooth. He cried. I consoled him and told him I still love him but this is why we don't hit ever. He said he was sorry. And cried some more. We cried together.
I go tomarrrow to the dentist to see what needs to be done. The crack hurts like a SOB. Food hurts. Drinking anything even water (I can't stand water) but thought it would not hurt. Water feels like acid being pored on my tooth. Coffee and soda well let's just say it feels like someone is not only pouring the acid but pricking me with needles.
My upper lip is swollen to 3 times it's normal size. I can talk but because of the swelling it sounds like I am mumbling. Be thankful I get to type instead of talk to you!!


Pamela Kramer said...

OUCH! Man that stinks! We have lots of accidents like that around here. They hurt themselves far more than anything.

I hope your dentist can fix you up quickly! Hang in there.

Momo Fali said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you get some relief and that the dentist can help.

FYI...when my uncle was an infant, he head butted my Grandma and broke her collarbone.