Jan 19, 2008

Good Day

It sure is! Lets see I got to sleep in this morning! I am not talking about just a half hour or an hour. Nope not this time. The kids woke up at 6:30 and I crawled out of bed around 12pm today. It sure does feel good to catch up on some much needed sleep! Hubby got up the kids. Got the older ones dressed and off to school without me! He fixed me some lunch and took a nap with Sam. I watched my soaps in peace since I haven’t done that in a very long time! Then I played a pc game: Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects and beat the game! So ok I’m not on the score list yet. But with lots of practice I can be!

I’m behind in my reading I know I know…bad blog friend. Because of this I have decided to allow all comments to be posted as soon as they are left for me and emails sent to me when I get them. Its easier on me and you this time of year! As Christmas gets closer and closer my net time will decrease as I have lots of stuff to get baked up

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