Jan 30, 2008

I won't be on ttomarrow....

Have to go do some things tomarrow and will be spending some time with my MIL as well. I wanted to do another post here so you all know that I am still working on the move. Speaking of which I have decided that I am ready to just post over here for now! I will do a short post on the other blog for a little while but feel its best if comments are left here!
Also I give up trying to move my archives back here. I will leave the other one up and running the way it is...may change templates every so often but will leave it the way it is. This way all the comments that were able to through the comment eater will always be there!
So January 31 I won't be on much. I have to run to a bank that is 45 mins a way and will be spending time with my mil! After that I have no idea but if I get a chance I will be on at somepoint! So go ahead and change things over the last time..I promise! and take your time because I will be doing double posts for a little while. No rush but try to remember to leave comments over here so this way the comment eater can't get them!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
And since I forgot to mention it earlier today is Elizabeth's birthday! Make sure to go and wish her a happy birthday!

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