Dec 16, 2007


I am going to tell you some stuff that has made me say Wow! Ready?

Figure 1. My niece B*randy who is now a teenager. Just looking at her for the first time in years…..WOW Girl you need to stop growing. Just stop. She is well on her way to womanhood and is well stocked.

Figure 2. I seen pictures of my youngest nieces. Wow. OMG! No way?! Tiff who I last seen when she was 10 is now 12 is um well er growing nicely. She is no longer a little girl no more. You know I developed early in life and was well stocked for woman hood too. But Tiff?? Tiff always looked boyish when she was little. Now though all girly girl. Its time to go and visit my sister here real soon. I mean as in I should have gone there yesterday. Autumn she is in the first stages but wow has she grown too!

Figure 3. Hubby is so bored out of his mind(evil laugh here) that he is doing dishes, laundery, cleaning out the cupboards and who knows what else he is planning on doing. (cheerleader stuff going on here) What am I doing?? Enjoying my end of the winter break finally!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I know I know I changed the template again. I didn’t quite like how my sidebar was at the bottom so I chaged to this one. Yes I know the about me page is gone and my awards page is also gone. I will figure it out. I really like this one and promise not to change it again!

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