Dec 17, 2007

MIL had surgery

I know I told you that she was having surgery for carpal tunnel. Well I got in touch with her yesterday and she is doing good. Her hand is sore and swollen which is to be expected. FIL though is worried that she will become addicted to her pain meds so she cut her dose in half. That makes the pain bareable but I don’t think its enough. She is already going stir crazy though. She is used to working all the time and now she is home with limited amounts of stuff she can do. She has learned once again how to peel potatoes one handed, cut up an onion one handed and wash dishes one handed. She has fil is helping but its easier for her to do things one handed than it is to have him helping her in the kitchen. She thinks Sam would do a better job. uh oh. Sounds like we need to go up there and help. We want to but with the weather we are having she won’t let us come up there. I think this weekend we are just going to show up and deal with it. She has already made a roast and chili and corn bread. I know she wants to do things on her own without help but I fear that she is using her hand even though its in a cast. She is not suppose to use her hand at all. Intervention this weekend if not sooner. Saying this weekend because of the kids having school all week.

I did give her a talking to yesterday but I know she wasn’t paying much attention. I know because I said “Mom you can’t be using your hand, cause if you do the boys are doing great in school” She replied back at me with “Don’t worry I’m being good just testing the waters to see if I can get in trouble” Guess she didn’t hear what I said now did she? Well at least I know where the boys get the stubbornness from….their Grandma through and through!

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