Dec 13, 2007

The beginning

It’s official. Hubby is on his Winter Break. What does this mean? He is going to be home all the time just like I am home. He now becomes a stay at home dad! Sure its great that he is home with me! Today is a great day to start the winter break! The kids are also home for a snow day. Snow day number 2! How wonderful!

Kill the joy. I just got done trying to teach the boys how to fold clothes. I knew it was not going to be easy or fun for them. They can do it. They showed me that they can. However they don’t want to stay off the folded clothes. Instead they think the pile of folded clothes are mountains that are just screaming to be climbed. Gregory is wound tight right now that he is running in place for the fun of it and bouncing. I don ‘t know about you but folding clothes while bouncing just does not get the job done. Even Sam was helping with the rolling of the clothes into balls folding the clothes. But then Curtis and Gregory decided to take lessons from Sam. I was accepting the balled up clothes from Sam. He is 2. But I am not going to allow my 5 and yr old children to get away with it. Yet when I tried to explain to them that they had to fold the way I am showing them Curtis went and climbed those mountains. And Gregory went bouncing all over those mountains. I guess that is what Mountain Hopping means right? I was expecting dh to step in and help me corral them. I mean its not like he was watching tv or a movie or doing anything. He was sitting with us helping with the teaching. Insead what does he do? He sits there like a bump on the log and then wonders why I just throw my hands up in the air and walk away.

This better not be how it is around he while he is on winter break. This means he is not working. No where does it say winter break from the family as well. Or is that in the fine print only to be seen by a man??? The jury is out on that.