Dec 12, 2007

28 years!

December 12, 1979 was when I was born.

I have had surgery on a finger because of a bone growing the wrong way or so that is what I was told….it may have been a form of cancer but I can’t get my mother to confirm or deny it and she won’t tell me the name of the doctor or hospital that treated me so I can find out for myself. I was 3 or 4 when that took place.

I got hurt on a carnival ride about 5 or 6. I was on the Marry Mixer and the man operating the ride was showing off for his girlfriend. It took 10 mins before anyone realized that I was really hurt and not just freaking out. I busted some blood vessels in my eye ball, had a pretty black eye and my eye was swollen shut. My mother took me to the ER and after I was released we went back to the carnival. The person in charge said he was sorry and that I could pick out any toy I wanted from the games. I picked out a pony that was bigger than I was. He wasn’t happy with that though. He made me pick out something smaller. I settled with a white bear holding a rainbow colored heart. I was on a liquid diet for 2 weeks. My first real meal was Fish sticks and French Fries soaked in gravy.

I grew up with just my sister. My brother was taken out of the home. I could tell you about that but not today. I will save it for another day. Trying to stick with the positive as much as I can.

My Grandma was my best friend and more like a Mom to me. She called my hands “Patties” instead of hands. “Go wash your patties before you come to the table” I say this to my kids every so often but they just don’t understand just yet. Someday when they are older they will though. She passed away when I was in the 4th grade. So close to Easter that Easter is when I reflect on the years I had with her though its harder every year to remember much these days.

I grew up riding horses. My grandparents always had a horse. Cocoa is the earliest horse I can remember and the last horse was Jennifer. I know there are more in there but I only remember these two! I was one out of 2 kids that knew how to ride.

In the 3th Grade we moved from one town to another. My parents were renting to own a house. Even though I was going to stay in the same school I hated them for that at first. I was going to leave behind Mitch. Sure I could see him in school but we were no longer going to be able to play together after school like we had for so many years. From diapers to 3rd grade we inseparable until this move. We made up for it though in school! We made a promise that one day we would get married.

I did make some new friends though…Kristi and Amy Joe. Though I could only play with them one at a time. They didn’t like each other. So I played with Amy on even days and Kristi on odd days. Kristi introduced me to the NKOB aka New Kids on the Block. See I was only allowed to listen to country music. She was allowed to listen to anything! Amy she loved to get me in trouble but I still had a blast with her!

I was 11 when I had my first boyfriend. First boy dance. First kiss. First broken heart. All within a month. Though it was best that way cause he was younger than I was. And i had the hots for his older brother who was actually my own age!

1991 I learn my sister is “knocked up” from Kristi. I had no clue what it was she was really trying to tell me. I told her I was going to beat up my sister’s boyfriend for beating her up. Kristi told me about the birds and the bees that day. So what does a sister do when she finds out her older sister is pregnant and not married or even finished with school do? She calls her Mom at work and tells her. What does older sister who finds out her younger sister do when she finds out it was I who told Mom?? She picks a fight. And what happens?? I end up shutting my sister’s head in the fridge because she would not let me go outside.

1992: March 9 my sister’s due date. On the 17th my sixth grade class is going to Toronto Canada to the Science Center they have there. My mom swore to me that my sister would have the baby before my trip. As the 17 was getting closer and closer I kept telling everyone I was not going. 2 days before my sister went into labor. Or so we thought. I ended up going on my trip anyways because no one would let me miss this trip. As it would turn out when I got back that my niece Kayla was born that morning as I was getting on the bus at the school to leave for Toronto. I still don’t let my mom live that down.

1993. I find myself starting the 7th grade in a new state. NY. My parents split up. I had a rough summer…(I can’t tell you about that summer on this day sorry)However within the first week I had a boyfriend…Billy

1994. Niece B. Kay was born (won’t say her name here cause another blog will cypher my post. I also get my first ever job at McDonald’s. I was left to raise my sister’s girls.

1995. I drop out of school.

1998. Angelina is born.

2000. I meet hubby

2001 I have Little Curtis and get married

2002 I have Gregory

2005. I have Sam and get a tubal.

Today. Today I am a stay at home mom just writing another blog post that also happens to be my birthday.